How can you receive SSD benefits in Dallas?

Qualifying for disability can be difficult. The Social Security Administration uses a unique definition of disability. It is not enough to have a percentage loss-of-function, or to lose the ability to return to a former job. An individual must have a severe medically determinable impairment (which may be mental, physical, or both) which must last for one full year or longer.


Filing for disability in Texas will involve initiating a claim with the Social Security Administration and each disability claim in Texas will eventually involve a claimant having to undergo a disability application interview with a CR, or claims representative, at a local Social Security office. The interview can be conducted in person. The claimant's medical records are gathered, read, and evaluated. If it becomes apparent from the analysis of the records that they have a condition that satisfies a listing in the Social Security Disability list of impairments, they may be approved on this basis.  read more here


Although it is possible to navigate the SSI process with the help of a family member, a reliable Dallas Social Security Disability attorney can answer your questions about the claims process and ensure your application includes sufficient medical documentation and evidence regarding the extent of your injury or illness. 


Here are some resources available in the DFW area:

For Families of Special Needs, Inc. is a non-profit organization specializing in assisting individuals with disabilities and their families in understanding the United States social systems and benefits which may be available to them. For Families of Special Needs also assists families in developing long-range care, communication, and estate plans through structured workshops. link here


Agency evaluations for Social Security Disability:


LifePath Systems provides critically needed assistance to the intellectually disabled, mental illness treatment and early childhood intervention for developmentally delayed infants and their families.  more here 


Dallas Metrocare -  Our mission is to serve our neighbors with developmental or mental health challenges by helping them find lives that are meaningful and satisfying. We serve over 50,000 people annually through programs across Dallas County. more


DARS Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services

If you have a physical or cognitive disability that is keeping you from living independently or from finding a job, the Division for Rehabilitation Services (DRS) may be able to help you.

DRS provides services through these programs:
• Vocational Rehabilitation Program
• Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (DHHS)
• Independent Living Centers
• Independent Living Services
• Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services (CRS)

DRS offices are located in many cities around the state. You can contact them to find out more information about the above programs, to schedule an appointment to apply for services, or to determine what documents you may need to bring to an appointment. Find an office here.


Disability Action Center

We are a team of professional, non-attorney, Social Security disability advocates. The biggest value we provide versus our competitors is the real face time, down home, compassionate and considerate service. To us at Disability Action Center you are not just another number; you are a human being, with hardships, and we know how to help you get what you deserve. We do not discriminate based on drug use, convictions, or homelessness. In fact, that’s who we help the most.   read more


- FEE: 25% of backpay

- help apply for SSI $733/mo

- Screening over the phone before first appointment

PLUS Free Case Management 

- Food Stamp Applications/Emergency Food Stamps

- Medicaid/Medicare Enrollment assistance

- Parkland Health Plus program guidance (PCP)

- Welfare referrals

- Community referrals assistance based on need

Social Security Disability Income and Benefits

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