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Parenting your Own Way Without Guilt - Unique for every child

June 3 2016   Brittany Meng  The Mighty


Re-thinking things through an Autistic filter  
April 12 2016  BLOG


New Book Causes Controversy, 'In a Different Key: The Story of Autism' by ABCs John Donvan and Caren Zucker

Jan 26 2016  JEROME GROOPMAN NYTimes


Texas taking part in Obamacare program to help disabled adults live outside institutions

Nov 27 2015  Kristen Taketa Dallas Morning News


Mental Health in America and the Murphy Bill

Nov 5 2015  Sarah Knutson MadInAmerica


There is so much anger in the autism community - Anger is entirely justified. 

Nov 14 2015  Philip Matthews


The Waiting Game; Many Texans with Intellectual/Social Disabilities End up on the Streets

Nov 10 2015  by John Savage  Texas Observer


Brain Stimulation Holds Promise in Autism Treatment

Sept 24 2015   By Lydia Denworth     Newsweek


The Future Of The Social Security Disability Insurance Program

July 2015   Listen on Diane Rehm show


Steve Silberman Interview: 'We Have To Understand People With Autism – Not ‘CURE’ Them'

Sept 3 2015 by Adam Forrest The Big Issue


Depression Common Among Men with Autism, study finds

August 24 2015  by Jessica Wright  SFARI


How Autistic People Helped Shape the Modern World

August 20 2015  by CARL ZIMMER  Wired Magazine


Jon Stewart’s last show helped raise $2.2 million for autism

August 7 2015   by Alexandra Gibbs @alexgibbsy


Dallas Teen Composer with Asperger's Wins National Prize 

July 31 2015   by Bill Zeeble    KERA News


Adults with Autism find Pride in ‘NEURODIVERSITY’

July 25 2015   by Sandhya Somashekhar The Washington Post


The levels of anxiety, and stress that somebody with Asperger’s may experience can lead to severe panic attacks, depression, and self-doubt

July 21, 2015     by Paddy-Joe Moran


Mom Creates Clothing Line So Autistic Children Can Learn To Dress Themselves

July 6, 2015   by ALEXA VALIENTE       ABC NEWS 


Play Centered Around Teen With Autism Wins At Tonys



LENA device predicts word use of children with autism

May 24, 2015 by ADN


Why "High Functioning" Autism Is So Challenging

April 20, 2015 by Lisa Jo Rudy


Calming Chair For Kids On The Spectrum May Be

Headed To Market

May 18, 2015   by Dugan Arnett, The Kansas City Star/TNS


Smart-Shaming: Sorry But Your Child Is Too Bright

To Qualify for Help

May 6, 2015   Daniel B. Peters, Ph.D, Huffington Post Blog


Transition to Adulthood Exceptionally Difficult for ASD Youth

April 27, 2015   Pam Harrison, Medscape


Microsoft launches a pilot program for hiring autistic workers

April 6, 2015  The Washington Post


Why shades of Asperger’s Syndrome are the secret to building a great tech company

April 3, 2015 By Matt McFarland


Patterns for Success: #HighFunctioning Means Career Challenges

March 16, 2015 by Magnus Hedemark

... if you express your struggles, you’re not fit for work, but if you express your abilities, you don’t need support. Frustrating situation can be for life...


Texas Dentist Using Alternatives for Children with Autism 

March 24, 2015  By Brenda Salinas


Beautiful Profile Of San Francisco Cafe Owner - Trouble and Toast ! 

March 24, 2014 by Zachary Carlsen


Webinar: A Summary of The Female Autism Conundrum

March 17, 2015  Dr. Skuse and Dr. Mandy (


Perspective Change May Offer Best Option For Solving Society’s Asperger’s/Autism Puzzle

March 11, 2015 Project COPE


My life with Asperger's: Daniel Wendler at TEDx University of Arizona.  

Jun 17, 2013


Essentials for Educators:

High Functioning Autism & Asperger Syndrome   

"Is this video the response of the 'normal' who simply cannot and will not understand... most high-functioning autistics and asperger's adults grow up to realize we do not need to be normal, we like the way we are, because we have always felt that way?" You decide.




Topics on Asperger's and Autism

The History and Myths of Autism
Listen to an I
nterview with Author Steve Silberman

Genetic risk for autism may be in everyone

March 21 2016  Nature Genetics Study


Gender variance and autism spectrum disorders often overlap

March 4 2016      By Andrew M. Seaman


New Autism Genes Identified at Geisinger Health

January 27, 2016   


Brain Stimulation Holds Promise in Autism Treatment

Sept 24 2015 By Lydia Denworth   Tech & Science


‘Miniature Brains’ Reveal An Outsized Secret About Autism



Survey Finds Most With Special Needs ‘Striving To Work’
June 9, 2015   By Michelle Diament


Largest Ever Study of Parental Age Risk on Autism

June 9, 2015  By Ed Cara 


Brain Differences Seen Between Autistic Boys and Girls

 May 20, 2015  By David Douglass -sign up for Medscape free 


Surprising Predictors of Adult Success on the Spectrum

May 14, 2015   By Michelle Diament


Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative
Cross Talk: Debating the merits of 'autism' as a diagnostic category

New autism study finds that girls are diagnosed later than boys

May 6, 2015, News in Brief


Autistic and non-autistic brain differences isolated for first time

March 12, 2015  University of Warwick


Genetic Link to Autism
“We finally got a clear-cut case of an autism-specific gene,” said Raphael Bernier, University of Washington associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and clinical director of the Autism Center at Seattle Children’s.

Wide Variability in Autism's Course  Jan.29, 2015
"We're taking the same concept and saying, 'we need to personalize the treatment based on change over time.' And that's a novel idea,"




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