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Businesses are successfully hiring and promoting opportunities for people on the autism spectrum and other intellectual disabilities

Hiring Special Needs
articles, podcasts, research, on working with Aspergers, Autism etc.


Lots of info and ideas to help you through the challenges of work life.



The belief that everyone has the right to contribute and we all can help them to do so ....




Aardvark is dedicated to people on the autism spectrum for positive contributions, news, research, and to be a local network for the Dallas area.

Rising Tide U Social Entrepreneurship Podcasts 

A father and 2 sons created a carwash dedicated to hiring 80% Autistic people. Now they are teaching families to build social enterprises that sustainably employ their child and others like them. They aim to inspire a grassroots movement that proves employing people with autism is a competitive advantage for business. Link to their podcasts here. 

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